Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tip 2 - Photography Help for Etsy Product Photos

Not good at taking pictures or don’t have a the best equipment for the job? Try your local high school or college. If they have a photography program you should be able to get a student to do pics for you for free or a very small fee. You can also offer to provide them copies of the photos for their portfolio. Contact the teacher or professor (my dad teaches photography at a high school and he gets these requests all the time) because they will be able to suggest the best students for the job.


  1. Great tip here re: pics. Also picked up another on Etsy about getting an OTTLITE from Home Depot..keeping my fingers crossed that will help me out and if not, I'm off to the local college! http://hideaheart.etsy.com

  2. Great tip! I'm constantly struggling for better photos and am pleased to see that they're getting better. :)